Prometra II®


The safest and most accurate next generation intrathecal pump.

Prometra II® is the new programmable pump for the continuous subarachnoid administration of medication for the treatment of pain and alleviation of spasticity.


  • Refractory syndrome to chronic cancer and non-cancer pain
  • Spasticity

Features & Advantages:

  • New: The device has been integrated with the patented FAVTM (flow-activated valve) safety system. This technology can safely suspend drug infusion, in ordinary and in emergency mode, allowing patients to undergo diagnostic tests like Magnetic Resonance Imaging*
  • Powered by lithium battery that gives the device a lifespan of up to 12 years
  • 97% drug delivery accuracy. This makes the system extremely precise and safe in delivering programmed therapy, minimizing the risk of infusion errors that might be harmful for the patient
  • Mechanical components made entirely from titanium, ensuring safe and stable pharmacological infusion even over the long term
  • Therapy delivery range from 0.0 ml/24h to 28.8 ml/24h. This feature makes Prometra II® a highly sought-after instrument thanks to its versatility in meeting the needs of every single patient
  • The only device on the market that can suspend therapeutic administration (0 ml/24h) for as long as necessary without compromising the functionality of machine and battery

FAV – Flow Activate System*


This product is distributed by AMS Group in the following countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Central and South America

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