IESS® Resablator50: Working Tool
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Patented QMR®1 technology (Quantum Molecular Resonance®1)

Resablator50 provides the ideal energy to break the molecular bonds of pathological structures in the epidural space, without causing any thermal damage or new scar tissue.

Features & Advantages:

  • Operating frequency starting from 4MHz and consecutive waves
  • Used for minimally invasive electrosurgery procedures
  • Surgical procedures carried out with Resablator50 allow faster and painless healing in the post-operative phase
  • Resablator allows 2 types of predictive stimulation tests:
    • Sensory (50Hz), to select and check the treatment area
    • Motor (2Hz), in order to exclude the involvement of motor roots and to increase the therapy’s safety

Physical principles of Quantum Molecular Resonance®1

Every time that energy is transferred to a system, most of that energy turns into heat and dissipates, causing an increase in the temperature of the treated tissue.
The challenge consisted in devising a system that could transfer energy to biological tissues, so as to carry out their ablation without increasing the temperature of the surrounding tissue above 50°C (below this temperature, cells remain viable and undamaged).




1 Quantum Molecular Sesonance® – Telea Electronic Engineering S.r.l.

2 Produced by Telea Electronic Engineering S.r.l. for AMS Group S.r.l. soc. unip.