Lateral implantable interbody fusion cage. Care through quality.


The VISION® system is designed to meet the specific needs of lateral lumbar interbody fusion surgery.


  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD), in one or more neighboring levels from L2 to S1, being confirmed by the patient’s history and study of X-rays
  • Grade 1 spondylolisthesis or retrolisthesis in the level(s) involved

Features & Advantages:

  • VISION® restores the height of the disc and provides support to the anterior spinal column, maintaining the natural curve of the spine
  • A simple and minimally invasive procedure to insert the implant, through lateral lumbar access
  • Surface with pyramid shaped teeth to stop the device from moving
  • VISION® is made of radiolucent PEEK material that improves visibility of the fusion process
  • 5 titanium radiopaque markers allow for better visibility of the correct positioning of the device and visual assessment of the implant after the operation
  • Equipped with spacious central canals for the insertion of bone graft or substitute bone graft, allowing for optimal fusion through the implant
  • Stable hook interface for a rapid and efficacy connection and release with the specific instrument


Antero-posterior view of the positioning of the VISION® Cage thanks to the titanium markers



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