The Company

AMS Group has been operating in the biomedical field since the mid-1990s, always at the ready to select and produce the best medical devices, allowing us to stand out and differentiate ourselves within the vast medical industry.

Our mission is to help patients live pain-free lives, by providing specialists with innovative and high-quality medical devices together with first-class service standards.

Our numerous achievements over the course of the company’s history are a clear demonstration of our consolidated experience in this sector.

Some of our successes:

  • First Italian RF octopolar implant
  • First Italian implant of Genesis®, a totally implantable quadripolar and octopolar stimulator
  • First Italian implant of AccuRx, a totally implantable pump
  • First European implant of Prometra®, a programmable implantable pump
  • Application of QMR®1technology (Quantic Molecular Resonance®1) for pain treatment and management®1)
  • Development of innovative devices for epidurolysis: IESS®(Interventional Endoscopic Spinal Surgery®)
  • Design and production of axial lumbar interbody fusion devices (MIS)

Company Profile