Scouting & Distribution


AMS Group enjoys strong and stable relationships with some of the leading suppliers in the medical device market. At the same time, it is always scouting the market in order to secure the distribution of cutting-edge medical devices and technologies from qualified and reliable suppliers.

Our distribution network is constantly expanding to an increasing number of countries, both for products for which AMS Group has exclusive distribution agreements in place and, since 2010, for its proprietary devices.


All distribution devices


AMS Group distributes in Italy the following devices:

  • Nucleoplasty® Minimally invasive procedure with Coblation® TechnologyR
  • Radiofrequency Treatments Work in progress
  • Pasha Multifunctional electrode for ganglion stimulation
  • ostaPek® Solution for spinal surgery, in anisotropic material made from long fibers of carbon composite NEW
  • PDS Percutaneous bilateral facet augmentation system
  • InterV Kyphoplasty System for treatment of vertebral fractures augmentation
  • InterV Vertebroplasty System for treatment of spinal compression fractures
  • V-Fix, V-Steady and Osteoflex Bone cements for Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty
  • OSSDSIGN® Cranial Personalized bioceramic implants for bone regeneration NEW
  • Freedom Innovative Neuromodulation wireless system for SCS, PNS and DRG NEW